Picture your dog with good manners, well-behaved in the home and respectful of you and others while walking in town or exercising at the local park.  Picture your dog not chewing, jumping on guests, nipping when excited, barking at visitors or passersby, pulling on the leash, chasing other animals, or lunging at every approaching dog.  Picture your dog returning to you immediately when called, waiting patiently at the open doorway while you retrieve your keys, downing on their mat when guests come to your home.   It doesn’t need to just be a picture – your dog can be respectful and comply with your requests!  But your dog needs to understand the picture you desire – and that requires training.

We offer private instruction/coaching (pet manners or competition obedience), board and train, in-your-home instruction, and behavior modification programs for those challenging dogs.

Training methods have changed, but the learning process for the dog is the same – it has three phases:  Teaching the cues – Generalizing the cues, and – Proofing for reliability.  Each dog is different and requires an individual approach to their training.  Under-confident dogs need encouragement; rambunctious or powerful dogs need to learn to cap or calm their behaviors.

Motivational training, using reward based teaching methods and markers for effective communication, will ensure you develop a trusting relationship that will encourage your dog to excel in obedience.  Once the cues are generalized – i.e. your dog can perform the commands in new environments or situations, you are ready to start the proofing stage (higher levels of difficulty and distractions).

Let us help you bring out the best in your dog!

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