Debeau Rottweilers - About Us


Our interest in dog conformation and obedience began over 35 years ago with Chow Chows.  Though Chows are not considered a good choice for a working dog, we excelled with ours, winning top in our class. 

In the early 90's we obtained our first Rottie - a versatile breed born to work.  There's been no looking back.  As novices to Rotties, there was much to learn.  Tracking, conformation, obedience, drafting, herding... the list was endless of what this breed could accomplish.  But, regardless of the type of work our Rotties do, they are always much loved family members first.

Our goal as breeders and supporters of the Rottweiler, is to provide information, guidance and assistance to Rottweilers, Rottie owners and the general public.  We occasionally have litters, but our breeding program is small and dedicated to health, temperament, and maintaining the original purpose of the breed.  We assist our local shelters in providing homes to Rottweilers in need in our community.  We provide a number of services and products as well.

Our kennel, our dogs and our clients is a full-time occupation - and it's a lot of work, but we love it.

Debbie & Lorne